Thursday, November 29, 2012

Waiting on a Sale (short)

           I wrote this short a while back while I was waiting for the days business to pick up :-D  

Anne could hear the calm murmurs of the mall begin to pick up.  The feel of working in a ghost town began to slowly fade away as more and more people began to arrive.  Church must have let out, she thought to herself as she watched outside the store windows.  It had been a long morning, filled with a considerable amount of conversation but very little work.  Sure there had been the occasional watch that needed a new battery or a ring that needed to be cleaned, but no one looking to buy.  But as the hum in the mall began to get louder Anne’s anticipation grew.  Her coworkers could also feel the change in the mall and began to pace back and forth behind the cases.  The salesmen’s eyes were gleaming brightly with the prospect of making their first sale of the day.  With their gaze never leaving the front of the store they took on the look, in Anne’s eyes, of a wolf tracking its prey.  Any minute someone was bound to walk through the doors, any minute and the salesmen would all have to attempt to contain their excitement.  Anne smiled as she remembered their many conversations about jumping over the counters to get to a customer first and the laughs they had shared when one of her coworkers had attempted to do just that.  Of course it had been a friend walking into the store and not a customer, bit it had been funny all the same.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Please (Poem)

Unsure of where to start
Unsure of what to say
Unsure of whether to let down my walls
Or curl up and hide away
I've never had these feelings
This uncontrollable pull
I feel you coming towards my room
Hand running slowly along the wall
My mind gives off a silent scream
And I don't know what to do
I see the door knob start to turn
I unconsciously crawl out of my bed
The door slowly opens up
My pulse echoing through my head
Before I see you standing there
I feel your eyes upon me
Your power curling through the room
As it slowly starts to surround me
I shyly look into your eyes
Getting lost within the blue
I fall into that chilling sea
Losing myself to you
And as my mind begins to cloud
My walls crashing all around
I give to you my heart, my life, my soul, my love
Without uttering a sound
You grin at me
Showing off your fangs
Which should chill me to my soul
Yet the only thought running through my mind
Is how I'm longing to be yours
So as the lights begin to dim
And you silently walk my way
The last tingle of my fears
Completely melt away
I ask you to take me with you
To call me as your own
To let me stand beside you
Going where ever you may go
You look into my eyes
Running your fingers through my hair
And with the slightest tug from you
I offer my neck to your greedy stare
I close my eyes
As you lick your lips
Relaxing my body into you
And with a shiver, a gasp, and a last inhale
I softly whisper

© Copyright E.F. Rose 06.24.07  

Pain (Poem)

This pain which runs deep within my soul
Reminds me of an emptiness I used to know
I promised I would keep myself safe
Never let anyone get too close

But it only took a moment
It only took a glance
It only took my inner self
Believing I had a chance

I let my wall fall to the ground
Opening myself up wide
I dared to take a chance
And let you into my life

But our time was cut too short
You said you couldn't stay
I felt you slipping from my grasp
My heart sinking were I lay

And though I still know that you're around
There when I need a friend
It will never be the same for me
Like it was back then

I'll always long for your smile
To lay there in your arms
I'll always hope that you'll return
Reclaim me as your own

Until that time
I'll keep my heart closed
Keeping my feelings to myself
Attempting to heal my damaged soul
From the numbness that you left

© Copyright E.F. Rose 06.28.06

Forgotten (Poem)

In the corners of her mind
You'll find the remnants of you still left behind
Not a lot
But just enough
To remind her of your shattered love
Of the trust you had
The life you shared
And the child she's now left to bare
She goes about her daily routine
Of feeding, clothing and keeping clean
Thoughts of you have no room now in her life
It's just in her once happy dreams
You haunt at night
There too, she knows, you shall also fade
Become nothing but a name from her past
Some forgotten page
She'll manage fine without you
Someone new will take your place
And soon she will not think about you
When she looks into her child's face
Then, just like the past
Which quietly dissolve away
Thoughts of you too
In the end
Will also fade...

© Copyright E.F. Rose 11.28.12

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hold On (Poem)

Hold on my friend
Hold fast and true
Hold onto those that you once knew
Hold onto your life
With all your might
Hold on and don’t give up the fight
Hold onto everyone you hold dear
Hold onto them all and keep them near
Hold onto my hand
Keep me by your side
Hold onto me
There’s no need to hide
Hold onto your past, even the pain
Hold fast to all your pride and shame
Hold true to the child that you once were
Hold onto regrets and secrets you've bore
Hold onto your family
Hold onto your friends
Hold onto yourself
And don’t give in
Hold on, don’t yet say goodnight
Hold on strong with all your might
Hold on dear friend
My love, my life
Hold on . . .

© Copyright E.F. Rose 7.30.07

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All I Need (Poem)

All I need
Is some time alone
To figure out my life
To rethink my goals
Organize my thoughts
Decide, for me, what’s right

All I need
Are my family and friends
To stay with me through it all
To understand
To lend a hand
And catch me when I fall

All I need
Is just one chance
To say all I have to say
To be listened to
By those people who
Mean the most to me today 

All I need
In this world of mine
Is a moment spent with you
When we can laugh together
Learn together
Realize a love that's pure and true

All I need
Is to be happy
With all I have right now
To be grateful for
And thankful for
All the treasures I have found

For all my treasures
Near and far
Cannot be bought at a store
It's the friendship I have
The love that I've found
In those that I adore

All I need.....

© Copyright E.F. Rose 02.11.07