Sunday, March 31, 2013

The White Page (Poem)

I think
I think I can't
Keep writing this
It's sounding bland
I try to figure out the next few lines
I just can't seem to find the rhyme
What once had come so quick to me
Has now become a mystery
Why oh why
I close my eyes
Oh why has everything gone awry
My words used to flow right down the page
Now they've left me in a rage
I twiddle my thumbs
Rub my head
This writer's block has stopped me dead
What to do
Where to start
I feel as though I've lost my heart
My muse which used to whisper in my ear
Has gone on vacation
It's nowhere near
So now I sit and stare at this screen
Hoping something will come to me
Some witty remark
Something to make you smile
Keep you hanging around for just awhile
For soon my inspiration will kick in
I'll be writing again soon
I just don't know when

© Copyright E.F. Rose 9.11.07

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Darling (Poem)

My eyes burning red
The sky so dark
Howls sending chills right to your heart
I watch you from a nearby tree
I see you shiver, weak at the knee
The darkness, to you, is so engulfing
And you’re not aware yet
But it’s you I am stalking
I can sense your fear
Smell your sweat
I can practically taste you upon my lips
My lips pull back
In a knowing grin
For this game of ours has yet to begin
I want to give you a sporting chance
So I reach over and snap a small branch
You jump at the sound, taking off at a run
A shiver runs through me
Anticipating the fun
Your fear hangs behind you in the air
It flashes for me just like a flare
Crouching down low I spring from the tree
Weaving through the woods with a vicious speed
I feel my pulse quicken as I gain ground
Coming up behind you with little sound
You gasp as I grab you by the hair
Spinning you around to meet my stare
“I’ve been watching you!” I say with a smile
Leaning in closer, my grip on you tightening
“Please, by all means, continue your fighting.”
A laugh escapes me
As your screams cut through the air
With a twist, a shove, and a gasp to breath
I get you pinned nicely upon the leaves
“Now that you’re ready and into the game
Allow me to show you the true meaning of pain.”
Wth a whimper, a moan
Your body tenses
The look in your eyes sends a shock to my senses
I sneer at you then, as I lean close, and say
“Brace yourself darling, for it’s time to play!”

© Copyright E.F. Rose 3.27.13

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Bodies Rush (Poem)

Truly, madly, deeply
These words are whispered oh so sweetly
Caressing over my tender ears
Breaking through my barriers
I feel my sorrows slip away
Like the sand along the bay
I curl my fingers through your hair
A sigh escapes me as I catch your stare
You start by placing a kiss upon my lips
Then slowly trace a line behind your fingertips
A shudder runs right through my core
As I moan for something more
Your hands journey lower in response to my need
Causing us both to fall to our knees
And from there our control completely slips away
Followed by any caution, which seems to go astray
All that’s left is our savage need
Filled with wanting, burning, and a selfish greed
Clothes are ripped away, exposing glistening flesh
Already showing the heat from our bodies rush
And as our bodies join and our souls combine
Our silent screams are heard through time
Each separate rhythm is joined into a single song
Complementing each other as we move along
With nails, teeth, and a quickening speed
Our very souls shake with our growing need
I feel your rhythm quickly change
Becoming more fevered with a demanding rage
This rage engulfs all of my senses
Conquering all of my defenses
This building pleasure, with just a hint of pain
Crashes over me as I go wildly insane
At this point our rhythms hit their peak
Holding onto you I let myself go free
We fly so high into the night
Our inner heat, our only light
And as we’re rocked with a final shudder
We fall back inside each other
A satisfied exhaustion takes over us
A lingering shiver from our sated lust
And as I lay upon your chest
Listening to your heart slowing as you rest
I sigh and smile, closing my eyes
Holding onto the waning sensations still riding me inside

© Copyright E.F. Rose 08.24.07

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tears (Poem)

Tears are falling all around
Soaking through my bed
Straight to the ground
I feel them burning down my cheek
Filled with all my anger and all my grief
I have no control of them
No way to make them stop
My thoughts keep them coming
Without a single pause
My sobs reveal my searing pain
As I stare up to the skies
The tears fall without shame
I don’t know when the tears will stop
When the pain will finally ease
My eyes may dry up long before then 
Leaving no more tears to see

© Copyright E.F. Rose 03.22.13

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mortalities Light (Poem)

Black to grey
Grey to white
The building of a brilliant light
A light suspended in the air
High above for the world to share
It’s born to us like any other
From the loving womb of it’s mother
And then it grows
So wild and free
A twinkling for the world to see
We put is up upon the highest perch
Holding it to standards, above reproach
And as it’s light gets brighter and brighter
We start to see it getting wilder
For like the rubber band
That’s stretched so thin
A cracking snap is heard within
With that the light we’ve held so high
Slowly starts to fade, then die

© Copyright E.F. Rose 03.10.12

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Like the Breeze (Poem)

Swirling, curling
Twisting, whirling
The wind is blowing
Through my hair
The leaves
They dance
Along the ground
Then lift high into the air
I track them as they spin around
A ballet that’s all their own
A dance of life and death as one
With all it’s highs and lows
They seem so wild
As they move
So unpredictable and free
And in this moment they represent
All that I want to be
They dip down to swirl around my feet
Then disappear into the night
Carried quickly along the breeze
Moving out of sight
The wind it stays
My constant friend
Moving all around
It reminds me that even in the stormiest night
There are wonders to be found
My life it moves
Just like the breeze
Filled with all it’s highs and lows
And like the leaves
Dancing in the air
My heart has a ballet all it’s own
I spread my arms
Looking towards the skies
Feeling the wind blow all around
And in moments like these
Feeling free and alive
My heart it knows no bounds

© Copyright E.F. Rose 03.03.13