Sunday, June 30, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 30

“Are you happy with your life right now?”

What a great question to have for my final blog entry!  This 30 Day Challenge has been a blast and I want to thank my friend J for messaging me about doing this challenge and Thomas for coming up with the fantastic questions.  I also want to thank everyone who has been reading my entries throughout the month.  I hope you guys had as much fun reading them as I had writing them!  So, without further ado, here is my final entry for this challenge (I kind of feel like Jerry Springer with his “final thoughts of the day”  Enjoy!!

As I sit here where my boyfriend works watching him move from one job to another, throwing a smile at me over his shoulder, I can’t help but smile back.  My life has gone through so many ups and downs over the years, all of them making me into who I am today.  Staring down at my computer I flip contently through the many files that are filled with all of my poems, short stories, and works in progress.  Each one a reflection of my thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams (maybe some nightmares! Lol...)  Long ago I had imagined that I would be well into my career by the age of 30, in my own home, and financially well off.  Hell, if you had asked me in High School where I thought I’d be I would have told you that I wouldn’t be in California by 30 or working in retail.  Yet as we all know, nothing ever works out like we plan it to.  So I may not be exactly where I had planned on being all those many years ago, but I know I’m where I need to be, where I belong.  I have the love and support of a wonderful man, my family (whether they’re near or far) with me, and some of the best friends I could ever ask for... So in answer to this final question - Yes, I’m extremely happy with my life right now!!  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else... xo

Saturday, June 29, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 29

“If you could have one superpower, what would it be?”

There are so many super powers to pick from...  All of them having some fantastic upsides - such as being able to fly or have superhuman strength.  I think though, if I had to pick just one, I would want to have superhuman mentality!  I would not only possess an ability that would cause me to be more intelligent than a genius but I could also gain other abilities because of it - such as psychokinesis and telepathy!  Now that would be awesome!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 28

“If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?”

I think if I were to win the lottery, after I got done freaking out of course, I would first take care of my bills, and my family’s bills, and my boyfriends bills... I would definitely want to buy a house, nothing really big though but it would need to have a nice backyard because I want to have a couple dogs and through a ton of bbq’s! Also I would make sure my family and close friends were taken care of... Depending on how much money I got I would want to buy a car, preferably in full! I would also want to invest in my sister’s bookstore that she’s planning on opening! Then, whatever is left, would go into a savings account and maybe some would get invested... :D But there would be a lot of freaking out... lol!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 27

“List some of your favorite foods.”

This blog challenge is actually pretty easy for me... lol...

1.  I love all Italian food

2.  Filet Mignon

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies

4.  Chocolate Mousse Pie

5.  Oysters

6.  Heidelberg sandwiches

7.  Steak or Breakfast Burritos (or breakfast steak burritos... lol)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 26

“List your 5 favorite books.”

I have a lot of favorite books... Lol... Way more than 5... So since some of my favorite books are in a series I’ll group them in as 1 book... (This may be a little against the rules but what can I say... I’m a rebel!! Lol)

1.  “The Stand” by Stephen King

2.  The Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton

3.  The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward

4.  “Raven” by S. A. Swiniarski

5.  The Vampire Huntress Legend series by L.A. Banks

30 Day Challenge - Day 25

“List some of your greatest accomplishments.”

1.  When I was 16 (almost 17) I wanted nothing more than to be able to buy my own car but at the time I was only working part time at the local movie theater, making minimum wage.  So that winter I took on a second job and for a year I worked two jobs while still in high school and at the age of 18 I was able to put down a nice deposit on my first and, so far, only car.  Which I now own out right!

2.  Within a couple years after high school I had earned a certificate in home inspection, private investigation, and freelance writing.  All of this I accomplished while working full time.

3.  A couple months ago I started writing my first novel.  I have always loved writing and have written more than 30 poems throughout my years, along with many short stories.  Begin work on my novel was a huge step for me.  One that still has me nervous and excited today.  So though I haven’t finished my story yet, I feel that the act of me starting it is probably one of my biggest accomplishments so far.  The next one will be when it’s published!

Monday, June 24, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 24

“What’s the meaning behind your blog name?”

When I was younger I remember when my dad was answering something he’d never had to before he would say, “Let me take a shot in the dark.”  The saying just stuck with me and I found myself using it often as I was growing up.  So when I began my blog and being so new to the whole idea, I found myself thinking that this was going to be like taking a shot in the dark.  I was going to put myself out there, bare my soul so to speak through my writing for everyone to see, and hope that I not only found my way through the unknown obstacles ahead of me but that I would end up where I needed to.  So, in honor of this huge step that I was taking, I titled my blog site - “A Shot in the Dark” ❤

Sunday, June 23, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 23

“List 5 of your favorite websites”

1.  Amazon (Love, Love, Love this site... I buy a lot off of this site and it’s also the site I plan on publishing my novels through!)

2.  Twitter (A great site where I have made some really good connections and friends, also if I need to find out what the latest news is, I can find it faster here than on news... lol)

3.  Google (Not only a great search engine but I also use it for YouTube, Gmail, and Blogger!)

4.  Barnes & Noble (Not just my favorite store!)

5.  Facebook (A great place where I connect with not only my friends but a lot of my family members too... I’ve also been able to make some great connections through Facebook!)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 22

“What is your current relationship status?”

I’m happy to say that I’m in a relationship!  Oh yes...  A little over 4 1/2 years and going strong.  John and I started seeing each other shortly after my car started having trouble.  I didn’t want to take it to the dealership and one of my best friends said she knew someone who knew a thing or two about cars!  So we took my car over to John’s house and, after fixing all my auto woes, we all went out for some drinks.  The next thing I knew we were talking to each other every day, making plans to see each other whenever we could and then, one cool November night, John asked me to be his girlfriend!  Now I know what you’re think, corny right? But I loved it... He was so sweet about it and I just knew...  Well needless to say I said Yes and the rest, as they say, is history!!  And someday soon he’ll ask me another, even more important question...  One that I’ll also happily say “Yes” to!  After which I’ll have a status change for you all ❤

Friday, June 21, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 21

“List your 5 weaknesses”

1.  I’m extremely hard on myself

2.  I sometimes take things too personally

3.  I’m quick to get angry (Although I’ve gotten a lot better with this.)

4.  I find I sometimes put my trust in people too easily (Something I’m working on being more cautious about.)

5.  I often take on too many obligations at once

Thursday, June 20, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 20

“List your 5 strengths”

1.  I have a great imagination

2.  When I take on a project I do it 100% (No half-a$$ing it!)

3.  I love helping people  

4.  I’m a good listener :D

5.  I stand by my friend and family (Always!)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Life Taken (Poem)

I see your face
Begin to pale
You fight to breathe
With each inhale
I hear your heart
Within your chest
It stutters and races
With such distress
Your eyes are wide
As they stare at me
Tearfully pleading
Me to let you be
I tighten my hold
Upon your neck
Laughing so softly
Beneath my breath
Your fear smells sweet
Curling in the air
Adrenalin shoots through me
As I meet your stare
A pain filled gasp
Escapes your lips
Your fingers dig into me
Trying to loosen my grip
I quietly marvel
Your will to live
For even now you fight
Showing little give
Yet as the time
Ticks slowly by
Your body's jerks
Begin to subside
And I watch your eyes
Once filled with light
Slowly grow dim and empty
As you lose the fight

© Copyright E.F. Rose 6.19.13

30 Day Challenge - Day 19

“What is your dream job, and why?”

My dream job is to be an author.  I want to be able to get up in the morning, make a cup of coffee, and sit down at my computer to work on my writing.  As long as I can remember I have wanted to write.  I imagine myself walking into the local Barnes and Nobles and seeing MY book(s) on the shelf.  I want this to happen so bad that I’m almost dizzy thinking about it.  So everyday I strive to make more connections, to write more poetry, to write more short stories, and to work on my novel.  I do this because I am a firm believer that hard work pays off in the end...  So one of these days, with multiple publications under my name and my books on the shelves, I’ll be able to look back and know I worked my butt off!! And because of that hard work, I’ll have my dream job!!  ❤

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 18

“What was the last movie you saw in theaters?”

The last movie that I got to go see in theaters was the new Superman movie Man Of Steel.  It was an excellent movie, filled with a great story line and lots of action.  I look forward to seeing it again soon! :D

Monday, June 17, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 17

“List 3 Hobbies You Enjoy”

1.  Writing - I’ve always enjoyed writing poetry and short stories.  It’s a huge outlet for me and a great source of stress relief.
2.  Reading - I’ve always been a reader, even from a young age when my Nana bought me Goosebumps books.

3.  Old Book Collecting - Recently I have gotten into collecting old books.  The rarer the book the better.  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 16

“My pets!”

I have 4 pets, all of them were rescued one way or another... :D

My boyfriend, John, rescued a kitten from around the house.  His name is Kiddo and he’s now 6 years old!

A couple years back we rescued two rabbits that had made their way into our neighborhood.  They were seen running around our house on one morning.  John and I ran outside and caught one of them... The little brown and grey bunny that was, for all accounts and purposes, the follower of the two.  We named her Louise!

The leader of the two bunnies, once we caught her a couple days later, we named Thelma!

Finally, there is our 2 year old kitten.  She was rescued by one of my best friends.  LeAnn found her in her backyard, stuck between her fence and the fence behind it.  John picked the kitten up from LeAnn’s that day and she has been with us every since... Her name is Holly!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 15

“If you could write a fan fiction story based on an existing movie/book/tv show what would you choose?”

This challenge was pretty tough for me because there are so many tv shows, books, and movies out there that I would love to be able to play around with.  After sitting here though and throwing out some different ideas one of the tv shows that came to mind is Ripper Street on BBC.  I really get a kick out of this show and I think it would be a lot of fun to write a novel based around the characters.  

I would of course have to have Captain Homer Jackson be the main character of my story because he’s my favorite in the show and I just can’t get enough of him... lol... But really I enjoy all three of the main characters! They all play off of each other so well, it's just really fun to watch! :D

Friday, June 14, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 14

“If you could invite 10 people to a dinner party, fictional, current or historical, who would they be?”

This blog entry took a while for me to figure out but I think I came up with a list of the top people I would invite... Mainly because these are the people that I would most want to pick their brains and that I admire!! So, in no particular order, here are the top 10 people I would invite to a dinner party:

1.  Edgar Allan Poe (Poet/Writer)

2.  Salvador Dali (Artist)

3.  J.R. Ward (Author)

4.  Laurell K Hamilton (Author)

5.  Dean Koontz (Author)

6.  Stephen King (Author)

7.  Steven Spielberg (Film Director)  

8.  Jeff Davis (Writer/Television Producer)  

9.  Anne Rice (Author)

10.  Brian Lumley (Author)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 13

“Name the top 10 songs you listen to right now.”

I’m constantly listening to music because it often helps me to write and think.  So because of this I’m always find new songs which either match whatever I’m trying to write or the mood that I’m in.  Here is what I’m listening to right now:

1.  Hugo - 99 Problems

2.  Nickelback - Animals

3.  Florence + The Machine - Breath of Life

4.  Seether (Feat. Amy Lee) - Broken

5.  Three Days Grace - Burn

6.  Evanescence - Call Me When You’re Sober

7.  Cavo - Champagne

8.  Korn - Coming Undone

9.  Seether - Country Song

10.  Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 12

“What items do you consistently carry on you at all times?”

There are only a couple things that I always have on me:

1.  My Phone

2.  ID

3.  Bank Card

4.  Small Notepad w/ Pen

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 11

“What are your favorite quotes?”

I’ve always loved collecting quotes.  I have several written down throughout my notebooks and enjoy posting the ones I really like when they come along.  So here are a few of my favorite quotes from some of my all time favorite authors:

“None of us really change over time.  We only become more fully what we are.”  ~  Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”  ~  Stephen King, On Writing

“There is no exquisite beauty...without some strangeness in the proportions.”  ~  Edgar Allan Poe

“Life is such a glorious trauma, is it not?”  ~  J.R. Ward, Lover Avenged

“As long as I have laughter, I am not without hope.”  ~  Dean Koontz

“The future is a devious thing.”  ~  Brian Lumley

“Before I knew you, I thought brave was not being afraid.  You've taught me that bravery is being terrified and doing it anyway.”  ~  Laurell K. Hamilton, Blood Noir