Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Echoes - My first published book

I had such a fantastic week last week, even though I spent most of it stressing about my release of Echoes (which happened on Friday, 8/23/13).  I uploaded my book on Amazon for Kindle at 1am Friday morning and let me just say that as soon as I hit 'Submit' I felt absolutely amazing.  I have been wanting to be published for so long that I almost felt it would never happen.

It wasn't until almost noon this past Friday that it went live but once it did I was jumping off the walls.  I've never sent out so many text messages and left so many updates online as I did right then.  It was surreal!  The amount of support that I've received since then has been overwhelming and I just can't thank everyone enough.  This truly has been an amazing experience and I can not wait to finish my 1st novel next...

Here is a brief description and link for my debut poetry book Echoes...

Book Description:

A walk through what was, and a reminder of what could have been, in this chilling yet inspirational anthology of poems.  Over a decade of poetry come together to tell a tale - and echo the lives lived behind closed doors.

Find Echoes on Amazon in the Kindle Store!

And here's my Author page on Amazon:     


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Empty Threats (Poem)

“Just empty threats,” you say with a laugh
“From you that’s all I hear!”
You yell this loudly into the air
Fully knowing that I’m still here

“Empty threats?” I whisper back
Glancing over your way
“I don’t think you really understand
All that I’ve had to say!”

You let out a loud, conceded laugh
Loosely crossing your muscular arms
Exclaiming that you do not believe
I’d really do you harm

I smile and tilt my head a bit
Allowing you this lie
For if you only knew what I had in-store
You’d run away and cry

I tell you I will make you pay
For all the tears I’ve cried
You laugh again and sneer at me
Telling me you’d like to see me try

“Try?” I say and click my tongue
I feel my boldness grow
“When I come to finally finish you off,
You’ll be the first to know!”

I watch your face go white with shock
As I whisper this promise to you
You gasp as you realize my threats are real
With a sly smile I say, “And I’ll make sure you feel it too!”

© Copyright E.F. Rose 8.14.13

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tired (poem)

Tired, so very tired
Of putting up this fight
Tired of praying for a better morning
At the end of every night

The days drag by so slowly
Each one longer than the last
As my future gets more and more unfocused
Like the blurring of the past

My life is spiraling out of control
With no anchor to the ground
Like falling through the rabbit hole
Where right is left and up is down

I’m so tired of trying to keep it together
Always being careful of what I say
So maybe now it’s time to give up this fight
And just slowly fade away

© Copyright E.F. Rose 7.30.13