Thursday, April 17, 2014

Crimson Snow (poem)

The snow - once white
Is now crimson red
I see it seep out
From beneath your head

In despair I watch
As your blood flows freely
Your eyes stare vacantly
And you’re no longer breathing

This shouldn’t have happened
I told you to go
I begged and I pleaded
But you only said no

You didn’t understand
Why I would hide away
Shield myself from the world
Remain in my room every day

I gaze at you now
Lifeless and cold
Wishing that you’d listened
Done what you were told

But you couldn’t know
Or understand all my fears
Know about the voices in my head
And whispers in my ears

I told you to leave me
That I was losing control
But you didn’t, you stayed
Now you’re dead in the snow

© E.F. Rose 4.15.14