Monday, July 18, 2016

Bound in Fate

Book 2 in The Fallen Guardians Series is almost here!!!

I know it's been forever since I've chatted with you all but I have been working my butt off to get this book out to you... And, come this Saturday, my newest book baby will be coming to a kindle near you!! What's this book about, you ask? Let me tell you...

Bound in Fate is indeed the second book in my Fallen Guardian's Series and focuses on Manuel and his love interest Hayley... For those that read Divinely Entwined, you should remember her from the library scene :)

My cover for Bound in Fate was created by the talented, and one of my BFF's, Diana @ Diana M. Photography. She's also the designer behind Divinely Entwined and my poetry book, Echoes. So, with that in mind, it's no wonder Book 2's cover turned out looking as awesome as it did.... 

This book has been a true joy to write, and in my opinion...even though it may be a bit bias, I feel is even better than the first book. Though I'd appreciate it if you didn't say anything to Christian about far as he's concerned his book will always be the best! lol. But seriously, this book was a lot of fun. Then once my amazing editor, Kim Young, got a hold of the book reads like a dream! 

So now for my books delicious details....

Bound in Fate's blurb:

A Guardian who yearns for more...

Manuel has always wanted something beyond the world he found himself thrust into. Always helping his brothers, regardless of his own needs, he's never asked for anything…until a fiery redhead catches his eye. All he can see is her. However, with his brothers torn on their feelings concerning his growing love, he finds himself in a position he’s never been in before, making decisions that could alter his future. Can he get his brothers’ support when he needs it most? Or will he have to choose between the woman of his dreams and the family he’s always known?

A woman destined to be his...

Hayley has always known that fate had a plan for her. Even in her dreams, she's felt the pull of destiny. It wasn't until Manuel walked into her life that she realized all the roads had always lead to helping him, to fighting by his side. He is a mystery, a puzzle she feels desperate to figure out and put back together. But as much as Hayley knows she was always meant to be his, she has a secret, too. Will she be able to convince Manuel and his brothers that they can trust her, letting her help? Or will her need to be with him shatter their bond?

An evil set on ripping them apart...

With the demons bringing their fight topside, the game has changed. Andras has set his sights on ruining the Guardians from the inside out, and he has just the thing to use against them...something the Guardians won't see coming that could bring them to their knees.

As Manuel and Hayley fight to hold onto their love, face whatever fate has in store for them, and unite the brothers once again, they find themselves rushing against time. Will they be able to face the coming storm and prevail? Or will fate have pushed them together only to tear their worlds apart?

There'll be pain. There'll be anger. There'll be loss.

Can true love survive it all?

Sound like your cup of tea? I sure hope so... But if that didn't peak your interest then how about a couple teasers??

If this sounds like something you would be interested in reading, and I hope it does, here is some info just for you <3

Bound in Fate's release date - July 23rd, 2016
(It will be available through the Amazon Kindle store for $1.99 or Free with KindleUnlimited)

I do have a Thunderclap campaign running for Bound in Fate's release day and would appreciate your support. My goal is to get at least 50 supporters and as of a few hours ago (9pm pst) I was at 19. Not bad really for getting it up so late...

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Bound in Fate is also available to be added to your TBR list... Just click here --> Goodreads <-- to do so! :)

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I look forward to seeing you there <3

Manuel's story is almost here my luvs!!! I can't wait to share my new book with you all....

Emily xx