Thursday, May 29, 2014

Divinely Entwined Synopsis

Divinely Entwined
By E.F. Rose

A Guardian who’s losing himself . . .

After falling to Earth the Fallen Angel Christian, along with his brothers, have stepped into the role of Earth’s Guardians. In the fight to keep the balance between good and evil, Christian has slowly begun to lose himself. That is, until his chance encounter with the feisty and enticing Ella Roberts. They are drawn to each other and begin to find feelings growing that neither can explain . . . but will it be enough?

A darkness threatening them all . . .

Danger is now lurking around every corner, and as the number of unanswered questions pile up, the balance between good and evil will be tipped. With everything on the line will Christian and Ella be able to trust in themselves, in each other . . . or will they lose themselves to the darkness?

Copyright E. F. Rose 2014