Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bound (Poem)

She can feel the walls closing in
A chill creeps slowly along her skin
The air is thick
Making it hard to breath
Something covers her eyes
So she can’t see
Her wrists are snug behind her back
She tugs and tugs with no give or slack
The ground so cold beneath her feet
A rough wood chair her only seat
She hears a rumble
A growl of sorts
Threatening and promising in one low burst
She turns her head
And shudders a bit
The cold of the steel cuts in wrists
She feels a touch upon her thigh
Her body responds with a shuddering sigh
A presence leans across her chest
The heat of breath along her neck
“You shiver so” She heard him say,
“Are you still sure you want to play?”
Her mind blanks out as she feels his breath
The strength for a slight nod is all that’s left
The chair tilts back
As he straddles her legs
A heat in her core begins to blaze
His lips brush gently upon her neck
Then with a sudden lurch his teeth connect
A gasp of shock escapes her lips
Silenced only by his fingertips
Though she can not see what he is doing
Her senses, for years
He has been grooming
Her body arches into him
Despite her arm restraints  
She feels her muscles trembling
With a burning need, an inner ache
In one last breath she loses control
Gives into the sweetness of his pull
She knows he senses as her mind gives in
For she feels him vibrate against her skin
He takes a long and lasting pull
And kisses her wounds gently closed
A throaty moan escapes her then
As he whispers softly with a smile
“Get comfortable my lovely cara . . .
We’ll be here for awhile!”

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4.30.13

You Belong To Me (Poem)

Time is ticking ticking ticking
Moving so slowly by
My thoughts are whirling and flickering
They make me almost want to cry

Hours have passed since you left my sight
As I continue to glance at the door
Feeling the weight from our recent fight
I’m shaking right to my core

I don’t really know what started the fight
But it got out of hand so fast
All I did was bring my concerns to light
This fight was bigger than any in the past

Yes I can get pretty upset
I sometimes get a little down
If you don’t answer when I call
Or stop by when you’re around

I shouldn’t be so jealous
When you go out with your friends
Or get suspicious of the girls see
Whom you so eagerly defend

But no! I think with a possessive smile
I know that I am right
It’s me you should be with till the end
I will forgive you for this fight

So when you come back to me
We’ll sit and talk it out
And you will see that I am right
That it’s me you can’t live without

Sitting here though, staring at the clock
My smile starts to slip
For if you don’t agree and you try to leave
It’s your wings I’ll have to clip

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4.29.13

Friday, April 26, 2013

Anticipation (Poem)

He watched her through heavy eyes
As she glided down the stairs
Her red dress flowing around her
Sailing effortlessly through the air
Their eyes met and held
With such a searing fire
Each instantly knowing
The other’s desire
His thoughts, how they flickered
Like a flame from a candle
His eyes roamed her body
The look in them primal
The closer she came
The stronger his need
Completely engulfing his sense
Making it harder to breathe
She slowly came up against him
Resting her hand upon his chest
Her red eyes glowing fiercely
Seeming utterly possessed
As her lips pulled back in a knowing smile
Her fangs were bared, so freely
Feeling her finger caress across his lips
He became hypnotized completely
With a sigh his head fell back
Submitting to her with no fight
She nuzzled his neck, kissed his vein
And, with a quickness, he felt her bite
His muscles tightened with the sudden shock
As she moaned and drank her fill
With each suck from her upon his neck
Deeper into oblivion he fell

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4/26/13

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just Right (Poem)

I paced back & forth
waiting for my meal to simmer
My stomach hungrily growled
Silkworm Pupae for dinner.

And as they cooked
I could hear them scream.
“Don’t worry," I said
"it’s only a dream.”

Chuckling softly to myself
I poured some wine
why it’s my favorite
Black Devil’s Spine

I reduced the heat slowly
Merely wanting them stewed
"Excuse me for nearly boiling you… "
I said with a smile, "That was so rude!"

The initial taste I took
was no good... such a waste
So I retraced my recipe
Ah, they still needed to baste!

Finally it was time
So I took my first swallow
As it went down I grinned…
Knowing more was to follow.

Dedicated to The Grumbling Gargoyle

Co-created by:

Copyright © 2013 Emily Fayad / J.Ramirez

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wild (Poem)

I will always run free
So wild . . . So untamed
No barriers or bars will hold me
No owner for me will be claimed


And if you try to cage me in
Attempt to tame my soul
Just know that I will always win
And you will always fall

(C) Copyright E.F. Rose 4.23.13

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Breakup (Poem)

Though my eyes are dry
At the feelings you hide
As I feel you slipping by


At why you act this way
Knowing I can’t stay
As I turn away

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4.22.13

An Overwhelming Despair (Poem)

Standing on the edge of hell
Staring down into the pit
I can see right to where the demons dwell
Their screams and yells so desperate
The darkness there, it seems to grow
Filled with an overwhelming bleakness
It rises up, surrounding me
Exposing every weakness
My scars, they rip open, with the sound of rending flesh  
Left gaping for all to see
The demons, they look upon me with a sneer
Filled with an evil sort of glee

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4.21.13

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stalking (Poem)

I see the two of you together
So happy as a pair
Completely oblivious to the world around you
Which is why you don’t know I’m here
You don’t see me standing outside your house
A couple cars behind
Sitting in the movie theater
Or while you both go dine
You don’t realize that I’m with you
I don’t think you even care
But sooner or later you’ll find out
When you meet my fateful stare

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4.19.13

Friday, April 19, 2013

Fears (Poem)

It can be so depressing
Filling you with such fright
Containing all of the unease
That will keep you up at night
It’ll show up in your dreams
Resonate in your mind
There’ll be nowhere for you to run
Nowhere for you to hide
You might not know or realize
When this mental abuser appears
But soon your mind will fill with such worries
Such self doubt . . . such fears

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4.16.13

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Score (Poem)

Tears of anger fall from my eyes
I turn so you won’t see the rage inside
This anger which has been on a steady climb
Started with the smallest cringe
Fueled by your cruelness over time
You think you have the upper hand
Little do you know that’s part of my plan
Your words may cut me right to the core
But it won’t be long till I even the score

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4.15.13

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bitter Pill (Poem)

I watch you sit across the way
The same seat you sit at everyday
You hardly know that I am here
Deep down though, you want me
To me this is clear
You casually smile and say hello
A secret kiss, in return, I blow
To me you are the most brutal drug
One that’s taken complete control  
You’re embedded in my every thought
Entwined within my soul
You don’t know me yet
But soon you will
For it’s you I’ve been stalking
You’re my bitter pill

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4.15.13

Rage (Poem)

Anger boiling through my veins
Causing my eyes to redden in rage
I see your mouth moving
But without a word
For there’s only the lowest gurgling
That can now be heard

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4.15.13

Friday, April 12, 2013

More (Poem)

I sharply hiss between my teeth
Your breath so warm against my cheek
I feel you press against my hips
Gripping my arms with your fingertips
You push my back against the wall
Clothes whisper to the ground as they quickly fall
You seek permission to join with me
I feel a shaking in my knees
I curl my hands in through you hair
Feeling you lift me in the air
The pressure builds as your body shifts
Going deeper with each upward lift
I feel your muscles start to shake
This control of yours about to break
And with a grunt and throaty groan
You take me to the edge
Shaking me to the bone
And as we slide down to the floor
Still shivering inside
All I want is more

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4.12.13

Elizabeth Bathory (Poem)

Her beauty was far beyond compare
Yet she looked down on others without a care
Her inner soul was marked with such dirt
That no outward attempt could hide it’s black mark
So no matter how beautiful she was on the surface
In everyone's eyes she was horrid and grotesque
They feared her more though than anything else
For to hold onto her beauty, to hide the ugly truth
She bathed quite regularly
In the blood of the youth

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4.9.13

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Adoration (Poem)

With twinkling eyes and a thin sheen of sweat

He looks over the women whom he has just met
Her body’s so lovely
Truly one to behold
For even in death
To him . . . she is gold

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4.9.13

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Messenger (Poem)

The Raven flies high into the air
Gliding along the breeze without a care
He swoops down low, landing by your side
A shiver runs through you as he gives a shrill cry
And in the blackness of his eyes
You see, there in, your end resides

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4.9.13