Sunday, April 7, 2013

Love (Poem)

Love is so very special
For it means so very much
Some people though use it casually
To help get them what they want
Others use it with all their heart
Shouting it out loud
While other’s keep a tighter lip
For they are way too proud
Some aren’t sure how to say it
Or who to say it to
While other's will love anyone
For them there's always someone new
I feel that when you love someone
It's a very special thing
And to have that love returned to you
Should mean everything
I envy those who have found this love
This very special gift
For they have found the one true treasure
Which others see as a myth
I know that it is real though
Because I see it in my friends
It's like a light that's burning bright
Shining from within
For the ones out there who’ve found this love
I say "Never let it go"
Hold on to it with all your might
Continue to let it show
And just as it should be received
It should be given with all one’s heart
Felt strongly when you are together
Even more when you’re apart
I know that I will find this love
For I have love to give
And when I do
The world will know
My dreams have all come true
I'll have love

© Copyright E.F. Rose 12.7.07

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