Friday, April 26, 2013

Anticipation (Poem)

He watched her through heavy eyes
As she glided down the stairs
Her red dress flowing around her
Sailing effortlessly through the air
Their eyes met and held
With such a searing fire
Each instantly knowing
The other’s desire
His thoughts, how they flickered
Like a flame from a candle
His eyes roamed her body
The look in them primal
The closer she came
The stronger his need
Completely engulfing his sense
Making it harder to breathe
She slowly came up against him
Resting her hand upon his chest
Her red eyes glowing fiercely
Seeming utterly possessed
As her lips pulled back in a knowing smile
Her fangs were bared, so freely
Feeling her finger caress across his lips
He became hypnotized completely
With a sigh his head fell back
Submitting to her with no fight
She nuzzled his neck, kissed his vein
And, with a quickness, he felt her bite
His muscles tightened with the sudden shock
As she moaned and drank her fill
With each suck from her upon his neck
Deeper into oblivion he fell

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4/26/13

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