Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You Belong To Me (Poem)

Time is ticking ticking ticking
Moving so slowly by
My thoughts are whirling and flickering
They make me almost want to cry

Hours have passed since you left my sight
As I continue to glance at the door
Feeling the weight from our recent fight
I’m shaking right to my core

I don’t really know what started the fight
But it got out of hand so fast
All I did was bring my concerns to light
This fight was bigger than any in the past

Yes I can get pretty upset
I sometimes get a little down
If you don’t answer when I call
Or stop by when you’re around

I shouldn’t be so jealous
When you go out with your friends
Or get suspicious of the girls see
Whom you so eagerly defend

But no! I think with a possessive smile
I know that I am right
It’s me you should be with till the end
I will forgive you for this fight

So when you come back to me
We’ll sit and talk it out
And you will see that I am right
That it’s me you can’t live without

Sitting here though, staring at the clock
My smile starts to slip
For if you don’t agree and you try to leave
It’s your wings I’ll have to clip

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4.29.13


  1. Wonderfully menacing.....really enjoyed this Emily...:)

    1. Thank you Lynn... I'm glad you liked it... xx :)