Monday, April 1, 2013

Maybe (Poem)

The slightest word from you is like a knife
Hot and Sharp
And with just one slice
It cuts right through my heart
And the louder your voice gets
The more I cringe
Inside and out
I know I'm crazy to stick around
After all there's nothing left between us
We fight every time one of us utters a sound
It gets so ridiculous
Yet maybe we can live with the pain
We've done so for so long
Yet after all the fighting we're left empty
No longer feeling like this is home
This isn't who we are
Or who we're meant to be
And somewhere along the way we've lost ourselves
No longer liking what we see
Whoever said that love is pain
And to have the sun you'll get some rain
Must have felt this way before
But maybe they are right
Maybe in the end love will come through
And this darkness will have some light
Maybe through all this pain we’re not seeing the whole picture
Yet we have long run out of good
And what’s left is cold and bitter
So maybe we should walk away
While there's still time to go
With empty promises to keep in touch
Even though the outcome of this we already know
Then maybe... just maybe...

© Copyright E.F. Rose 12.7.07

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