Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bound (Poem)

She can feel the walls closing in
A chill creeps slowly along her skin
The air is thick
Making it hard to breath
Something covers her eyes
So she can’t see
Her wrists are snug behind her back
She tugs and tugs with no give or slack
The ground so cold beneath her feet
A rough wood chair her only seat
She hears a rumble
A growl of sorts
Threatening and promising in one low burst
She turns her head
And shudders a bit
The cold of the steel cuts in wrists
She feels a touch upon her thigh
Her body responds with a shuddering sigh
A presence leans across her chest
The heat of breath along her neck
“You shiver so” She heard him say,
“Are you still sure you want to play?”
Her mind blanks out as she feels his breath
The strength for a slight nod is all that’s left
The chair tilts back
As he straddles her legs
A heat in her core begins to blaze
His lips brush gently upon her neck
Then with a sudden lurch his teeth connect
A gasp of shock escapes her lips
Silenced only by his fingertips
Though she can not see what he is doing
Her senses, for years
He has been grooming
Her body arches into him
Despite her arm restraints  
She feels her muscles trembling
With a burning need, an inner ache
In one last breath she loses control
Gives into the sweetness of his pull
She knows he senses as her mind gives in
For she feels him vibrate against her skin
He takes a long and lasting pull
And kisses her wounds gently closed
A throaty moan escapes her then
As he whispers softly with a smile
“Get comfortable my lovely cara . . .
We’ll be here for awhile!”

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4.30.13


  1. Very erotic, the words sensual and revealing. Thanks for sharing this with us, I love your blog and your writing.

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like it Peter! xo

  2. Stunning and so very hot!