Thursday, April 4, 2013

How I Feel (Poem)

Through all my years
All my tears
The ups and downs
The building fears
I’ve tried to hold on to who I am
To keep myself sane
I've learned to take each day as it comes
And to appreciate the rain
I've learned to take deep, even breaths
To move past all my fears
I've come to know who I can trust
Found out who really cares
I've learned that to hide what I'm feeling
To keep it from those I love
Is to deny what makes me who I am
The person I’ve become
So I'm sorry if I make you nervous
Sorry if you feel scared
I don't want you to think that you must stay
Because I showed you that I care
I've learned from past experiences
That to have no regrets
You must put yourself out on the line
Walk the tightrope without a net
I don't share with you how I feel
To try and guilt you into staying
I tell you this because I feel you should know
That if you care for me it's ok
And with every breath that escapes my lips
I'm wishing that you'd stay
Yet no matter how much I know it will hurt
How my very soul, with sorrow, will burn
I'll understand if you turn away
If my feelings aren't returned
But hear me out before you leave
Then if you feel you still must go
Know that though for my love I’ll grieve
I’ll hope someday
You'll find someone who
Makes you feel for them
How I feel for you . . .

Copyright E.F. Rose 12.3.06

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