Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just Right (Poem)

I paced back & forth
waiting for my meal to simmer
My stomach hungrily growled
Silkworm Pupae for dinner.

And as they cooked
I could hear them scream.
“Don’t worry," I said
"it’s only a dream.”

Chuckling softly to myself
I poured some wine
why it’s my favorite
Black Devil’s Spine

I reduced the heat slowly
Merely wanting them stewed
"Excuse me for nearly boiling you… "
I said with a smile, "That was so rude!"

The initial taste I took
was no good... such a waste
So I retraced my recipe
Ah, they still needed to baste!

Finally it was time
So I took my first swallow
As it went down I grinned…
Knowing more was to follow.

Dedicated to The Grumbling Gargoyle

Co-created by:

Copyright © 2013 Emily Fayad / J.Ramirez

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