Friday, April 12, 2013

More (Poem)

I sharply hiss between my teeth
Your breath so warm against my cheek
I feel you press against my hips
Gripping my arms with your fingertips
You push my back against the wall
Clothes whisper to the ground as they quickly fall
You seek permission to join with me
I feel a shaking in my knees
I curl my hands in through you hair
Feeling you lift me in the air
The pressure builds as your body shifts
Going deeper with each upward lift
I feel your muscles start to shake
This control of yours about to break
And with a grunt and throaty groan
You take me to the edge
Shaking me to the bone
And as we slide down to the floor
Still shivering inside
All I want is more

© Copyright E.F. Rose 4.12.13

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