Sunday, March 31, 2013

The White Page (Poem)

I think
I think I can't
Keep writing this
It's sounding bland
I try to figure out the next few lines
I just can't seem to find the rhyme
What once had come so quick to me
Has now become a mystery
Why oh why
I close my eyes
Oh why has everything gone awry
My words used to flow right down the page
Now they've left me in a rage
I twiddle my thumbs
Rub my head
This writer's block has stopped me dead
What to do
Where to start
I feel as though I've lost my heart
My muse which used to whisper in my ear
Has gone on vacation
It's nowhere near
So now I sit and stare at this screen
Hoping something will come to me
Some witty remark
Something to make you smile
Keep you hanging around for just awhile
For soon my inspiration will kick in
I'll be writing again soon
I just don't know when

© Copyright E.F. Rose 9.11.07

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