Sunday, March 3, 2013

Like the Breeze (Poem)

Swirling, curling
Twisting, whirling
The wind is blowing
Through my hair
The leaves
They dance
Along the ground
Then lift high into the air
I track them as they spin around
A ballet that’s all their own
A dance of life and death as one
With all it’s highs and lows
They seem so wild
As they move
So unpredictable and free
And in this moment they represent
All that I want to be
They dip down to swirl around my feet
Then disappear into the night
Carried quickly along the breeze
Moving out of sight
The wind it stays
My constant friend
Moving all around
It reminds me that even in the stormiest night
There are wonders to be found
My life it moves
Just like the breeze
Filled with all it’s highs and lows
And like the leaves
Dancing in the air
My heart has a ballet all it’s own
I spread my arms
Looking towards the skies
Feeling the wind blow all around
And in moments like these
Feeling free and alive
My heart it knows no bounds

© Copyright E.F. Rose 03.03.13

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