Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Christmas Wish (Poem)

I wish for all of my family and friends
     The very best of years
I hope your holiday is filled with joy and laughter
     To last throughout the years
And as this Christmas comes and goes
     With the wonderful memories made
I wish for you to look back on the times we've shared in the past
     The laughter and the tears
That you'll be filled with the hope and joy
     Of us being together in the coming year
I know we have all had moments
     We'd hope would always last
But my wish for you is that these next years
     Will be better than the last
And with that said I want to wish you
     A happy holiday
To let you know you're in my thoughts
     And you're what gets me through the day
I love you all
     Merry Christmas

© Copyright E.F. Rose 12.01.05

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