Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lies (Poem)


Oh sweet crazy lies
That's all that I can hear
For though I'm sure the truth can be reached
It's nothing I can bear

Every word that passed your lips
Were dripping in lies of oil
Which slowly covered all the truths
And quietly stole my soul

My soul which I gave up so freely
Opening myself to you
Yet you concealed yourself so well
Obscuring everything you'd do

I never knew who you really were
I never saw passed your mask
The wall that you securely held
Showing nothing of your past

So now that you have left my sight
I'm trying to sift through the mess
I'm trying to mend my shattered heart
Put my world back to the way it was in the past

For though your lies were terrible
Wrapping me in a fog
The only lie that I told myself
Was the very worst of all


© Copyright E.F. Rose 03.18.04

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