Sunday, December 2, 2012

For All My Years (Poem)

With mournful eyes and falling tears
I think back on those last years
When we used to sit and talk about our promising future
And how we'd both remain as one, forever
Forever - Ha, oh how that word brings a bitter smile
For it's been two long years now since I've seen you around
"We are in love," you'd often say, as we lay in bed
Then smile and slowly turn away, laying down your head
And in the last days we were together I'd lay and watch you sleep
Silently wondering to myself is it "We" that feel beats of love - or simply "I"
For even then I couldn't tell the truth from all the lies
And oh the lies that you would weave
About were you've been and who you've seen
Even after all this time has passed, my mind still rings with burning questions
Such as "when did it happen?" and "Shouldn't I have seen?"
Alas, those questions will remain unanswered
For one day I woke up and you had gone
There was and is nothing left to say
For as I cry by night and think of you
By day I hide my thoughts
I know that I'll get over you and find somebody new
But until that day I will remain - Thinking about you

© Copyright E.F. Rose 2003

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