Thursday, November 29, 2012

Waiting on a Sale (short)

           I wrote this short a while back while I was waiting for the days business to pick up :-D  

Anne could hear the calm murmurs of the mall begin to pick up.  The feel of working in a ghost town began to slowly fade away as more and more people began to arrive.  Church must have let out, she thought to herself as she watched outside the store windows.  It had been a long morning, filled with a considerable amount of conversation but very little work.  Sure there had been the occasional watch that needed a new battery or a ring that needed to be cleaned, but no one looking to buy.  But as the hum in the mall began to get louder Anne’s anticipation grew.  Her coworkers could also feel the change in the mall and began to pace back and forth behind the cases.  The salesmen’s eyes were gleaming brightly with the prospect of making their first sale of the day.  With their gaze never leaving the front of the store they took on the look, in Anne’s eyes, of a wolf tracking its prey.  Any minute someone was bound to walk through the doors, any minute and the salesmen would all have to attempt to contain their excitement.  Anne smiled as she remembered their many conversations about jumping over the counters to get to a customer first and the laughs they had shared when one of her coworkers had attempted to do just that.  Of course it had been a friend walking into the store and not a customer, bit it had been funny all the same.

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