Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pain (Poem)

This pain which runs deep within my soul
Reminds me of an emptiness I used to know
I promised I would keep myself safe
Never let anyone get too close

But it only took a moment
It only took a glance
It only took my inner self
Believing I had a chance

I let my wall fall to the ground
Opening myself up wide
I dared to take a chance
And let you into my life

But our time was cut too short
You said you couldn't stay
I felt you slipping from my grasp
My heart sinking were I lay

And though I still know that you're around
There when I need a friend
It will never be the same for me
Like it was back then

I'll always long for your smile
To lay there in your arms
I'll always hope that you'll return
Reclaim me as your own

Until that time
I'll keep my heart closed
Keeping my feelings to myself
Attempting to heal my damaged soul
From the numbness that you left

© Copyright E.F. Rose 06.28.06

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