Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hold On (Poem)

Hold on my friend
Hold fast and true
Hold onto those that you once knew
Hold onto your life
With all your might
Hold on and don’t give up the fight
Hold onto everyone you hold dear
Hold onto them all and keep them near
Hold onto my hand
Keep me by your side
Hold onto me
There’s no need to hide
Hold onto your past, even the pain
Hold fast to all your pride and shame
Hold true to the child that you once were
Hold onto regrets and secrets you've bore
Hold onto your family
Hold onto your friends
Hold onto yourself
And don’t give in
Hold on, don’t yet say goodnight
Hold on strong with all your might
Hold on dear friend
My love, my life
Hold on . . .

© Copyright E.F. Rose 7.30.07

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