Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All I Need (Poem)

All I need
Is some time alone
To figure out my life
To rethink my goals
Organize my thoughts
Decide, for me, what’s right

All I need
Are my family and friends
To stay with me through it all
To understand
To lend a hand
And catch me when I fall

All I need
Is just one chance
To say all I have to say
To be listened to
By those people who
Mean the most to me today 

All I need
In this world of mine
Is a moment spent with you
When we can laugh together
Learn together
Realize a love that's pure and true

All I need
Is to be happy
With all I have right now
To be grateful for
And thankful for
All the treasures I have found

For all my treasures
Near and far
Cannot be bought at a store
It's the friendship I have
The love that I've found
In those that I adore

All I need.....

© Copyright E.F. Rose 02.11.07

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