Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Forgotten (Poem)

In the corners of her mind
You'll find the remnants of you still left behind
Not a lot
But just enough
To remind her of your shattered love
Of the trust you had
The life you shared
And the child she's now left to bare
She goes about her daily routine
Of feeding, clothing and keeping clean
Thoughts of you have no room now in her life
It's just in her once happy dreams
You haunt at night
There too, she knows, you shall also fade
Become nothing but a name from her past
Some forgotten page
She'll manage fine without you
Someone new will take your place
And soon she will not think about you
When she looks into her child's face
Then, just like the past
Which quietly dissolve away
Thoughts of you too
In the end
Will also fade...

© Copyright E.F. Rose 11.28.12

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