Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Please (Poem)

Unsure of where to start
Unsure of what to say
Unsure of whether to let down my walls
Or curl up and hide away
I've never had these feelings
This uncontrollable pull
I feel you coming towards my room
Hand running slowly along the wall
My mind gives off a silent scream
And I don't know what to do
I see the door knob start to turn
I unconsciously crawl out of my bed
The door slowly opens up
My pulse echoing through my head
Before I see you standing there
I feel your eyes upon me
Your power curling through the room
As it slowly starts to surround me
I shyly look into your eyes
Getting lost within the blue
I fall into that chilling sea
Losing myself to you
And as my mind begins to cloud
My walls crashing all around
I give to you my heart, my life, my soul, my love
Without uttering a sound
You grin at me
Showing off your fangs
Which should chill me to my soul
Yet the only thought running through my mind
Is how I'm longing to be yours
So as the lights begin to dim
And you silently walk my way
The last tingle of my fears
Completely melt away
I ask you to take me with you
To call me as your own
To let me stand beside you
Going where ever you may go
You look into my eyes
Running your fingers through my hair
And with the slightest tug from you
I offer my neck to your greedy stare
I close my eyes
As you lick your lips
Relaxing my body into you
And with a shiver, a gasp, and a last inhale
I softly whisper

© Copyright E.F. Rose 06.24.07  

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