Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Bodies Rush (Poem)

Truly, madly, deeply
These words are whispered oh so sweetly
Caressing over my tender ears
Breaking through my barriers
I feel my sorrows slip away
Like the sand along the bay
I curl my fingers through your hair
A sigh escapes me as I catch your stare
You start by placing a kiss upon my lips
Then slowly trace a line behind your fingertips
A shudder runs right through my core
As I moan for something more
Your hands journey lower in response to my need
Causing us both to fall to our knees
And from there our control completely slips away
Followed by any caution, which seems to go astray
All that’s left is our savage need
Filled with wanting, burning, and a selfish greed
Clothes are ripped away, exposing glistening flesh
Already showing the heat from our bodies rush
And as our bodies join and our souls combine
Our silent screams are heard through time
Each separate rhythm is joined into a single song
Complementing each other as we move along
With nails, teeth, and a quickening speed
Our very souls shake with our growing need
I feel your rhythm quickly change
Becoming more fevered with a demanding rage
This rage engulfs all of my senses
Conquering all of my defenses
This building pleasure, with just a hint of pain
Crashes over me as I go wildly insane
At this point our rhythms hit their peak
Holding onto you I let myself go free
We fly so high into the night
Our inner heat, our only light
And as we’re rocked with a final shudder
We fall back inside each other
A satisfied exhaustion takes over us
A lingering shiver from our sated lust
And as I lay upon your chest
Listening to your heart slowing as you rest
I sigh and smile, closing my eyes
Holding onto the waning sensations still riding me inside

© Copyright E.F. Rose 08.24.07


  1. Loved the flow of this. Descriptive and enjoyable, I wish I could write poetry that well.

    1. Thank you so much Raymond! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

  2. WOW I really liked this one!!! It was so good omg =D
    You write so well! :)

    1. :D Thank you so much J :) I'm really glad you liked it!!