Thursday, March 28, 2013

Darling (Poem)

My eyes burning red
The sky so dark
Howls sending chills right to your heart
I watch you from a nearby tree
I see you shiver, weak at the knee
The darkness, to you, is so engulfing
And you’re not aware yet
But it’s you I am stalking
I can sense your fear
Smell your sweat
I can practically taste you upon my lips
My lips pull back
In a knowing grin
For this game of ours has yet to begin
I want to give you a sporting chance
So I reach over and snap a small branch
You jump at the sound, taking off at a run
A shiver runs through me
Anticipating the fun
Your fear hangs behind you in the air
It flashes for me just like a flare
Crouching down low I spring from the tree
Weaving through the woods with a vicious speed
I feel my pulse quicken as I gain ground
Coming up behind you with little sound
You gasp as I grab you by the hair
Spinning you around to meet my stare
“I’ve been watching you!” I say with a smile
Leaning in closer, my grip on you tightening
“Please, by all means, continue your fighting.”
A laugh escapes me
As your screams cut through the air
With a twist, a shove, and a gasp to breath
I get you pinned nicely upon the leaves
“Now that you’re ready and into the game
Allow me to show you the true meaning of pain.”
Wth a whimper, a moan
Your body tenses
The look in your eyes sends a shock to my senses
I sneer at you then, as I lean close, and say
“Brace yourself darling, for it’s time to play!”

© Copyright E.F. Rose 3.27.13


  1. Enjoyed this so much I wanted more!! Well done Emily...great stuff!...:)

    1. Thank you so much Lynn!! I had so much fun writing this one, I'm glad you like it!! xo