Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Darkness (Poem)

I run my fingers
Through my hair
It’s tangled and matted
Yet I can’t seem to care

My clothes are covered
With dirt and mud
And a substance so red
I know it is blood

I can’t seem to place
The last half hour
Or make any sense
Of the trampled flowers

Looking down
I spot a knife
Laying by my feet
Catching the light

Kneeling slowly
Upon the dirt
I lick my lips
Taking a closer look

The blade is tinged
A shiny red
Chills run through me
As I shake my head

A sudden image
Catches my eye
I gasp aloud
Spotting where you lie

Your form - so still
Upon the ground
Your eyes - closed tight
Like you’re sleeping sound

The ground is soaked
Beneath your head
I spot several holes
From which you bled

This cannot be
It makes no sense
Yet this feeling of despair
Is not what makes me tense

Glancing at the blood
That’s all around
At what’s upon my self
And on the ground

There can only be
One true conclusion
Unlike the images in my mind
This is no illusion

For the darkness in me
That I’ve tried to hide
The other me
That resides inside

Has finally made
It’s presence known
Pushed me aside
Acted on it’s own

I wish I could remember
How you got to where you lie
Seen your last breath escape your lips
Been able to say goodbye

But the other me
Has buried it deep
Leaving nothing for me
Just a darkness, causing me to weep

I tear slides down my face
I whisper “I didn’t know!”
As deep within my troubled mind
I feel the other me’s smile grow

© Copyright E.F. Rose 11.12.13


  1. I always enjoy reading your work...another great piece Emily....excellent!...:) xx

  2. Thank you so much Lynn...I'm so glad that you enjoy my work... :) xx