Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Empty Threats (Poem)

“Just empty threats,” you say with a laugh
“From you that’s all I hear!”
You yell this loudly into the air
Fully knowing that I’m still here

“Empty threats?” I whisper back
Glancing over your way
“I don’t think you really understand
All that I’ve had to say!”

You let out a loud, conceded laugh
Loosely crossing your muscular arms
Exclaiming that you do not believe
I’d really do you harm

I smile and tilt my head a bit
Allowing you this lie
For if you only knew what I had in-store
You’d run away and cry

I tell you I will make you pay
For all the tears I’ve cried
You laugh again and sneer at me
Telling me you’d like to see me try

“Try?” I say and click my tongue
I feel my boldness grow
“When I come to finally finish you off,
You’ll be the first to know!”

I watch your face go white with shock
As I whisper this promise to you
You gasp as you realize my threats are real
With a sly smile I say, “And I’ll make sure you feel it too!”

© Copyright E.F. Rose 8.14.13

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