Friday, September 13, 2013

Obsessed (Poem)

The breath that I’ve been holding
Escapes slowly from my lips
Caused by the softest touch
From our recent kiss

I teasingly run my fingers
Over your upturned face
Shivering with excitement
At each little gasp you make

You cannot see me smile
See my eyes gleaming with delight
For I was ever so careful
To tie the blindfold nice and tight

I’ve always wanted to posses you
To have you all to myself
Keeping you safe and secure
Sharing you with no one else

And as I slowly straddle your body,
You’re so still upon my bed
My eyes travel over the chains
Which secure your arms above your head

You plead and say you’re sorry
As I feel your body give a shudder
You moan out that you love only me
And tell me that there’s no other

Yet though I know for a fact
That what you say to me isn’t true
I just can’t seem to give you up
For you see, it’s always been you

And though you cannot see me
I slowly shake my head
Running my fingers over your lips
I can feel my need for you spread

This obsession that I have for you
Is stronger than anything else I know
Smiling, I lean towards you and whisper,
“I told you I’d never let you go!”

© Copyright E.F. Rose 9.11.13

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