Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Dream of Fear

I remember a dream I had when I was younger.  At the time we already lived here in California but in the dream I was back in our house in Pennsylvania.  I was standing in our kitchen staring out the window at the woods lining our backyard.  It’s dark out and there is a light fog that has weaved it’s way in between the trees.  The fog is illuminated by what I can only assume is a full moon, though I never actually see it.  It’s so very quiet in the house, yet I know that I’m not alone here.  Turning from the window I notice a soft light coming from the living room. Walking from the kitchen into the living room I realized that the light I’m seeing is coming from the front door and that laying in front of the door is a little gold box.

My family is suddenly around me as I lean down to pick up and inspect the box.  It’s so shiny, with polished edges and intricate designs on every side.  As I run my fingers over the designs a brilliant white light starts to shine through the grooves.  I feel fascinated at first as I stare at it, yet as the light gets brighter and brighter I feel a sudden stab of fear.  I quickly drop the box, hearing it hit the ground with a resounding thud.  Yelling and motioning for my family to back up, I begin to feel an overwhelming sense of panic spread through me.  Looking to my right I can see the staircase leading up to the bedrooms.  It looks wider than I remember and the light at the top of the stairs is blinking furiously on and off.  Hearing my name being screamed repeatedly I spin around and find my mother waving her arms frantically.  The light from the box is getting brighter, making it more and more difficult for me to see her but I know she’s telling me to go.

A sudden urge within me causes me to quickly turn and begin running up towards my room.  I was about halfway up, leaning so far forward my hands are also touching each step, when I suddenly hear a loud crack behind me.  Pausing, I turn to see what looks to me, like a small leprechaun manifest itself out of the box and begin making his way up the stairs after me.  I remember feeling so scared I couldn’t move as I stared into his black eyes and toothy grin.  He’s almost snarling with each step he takes, a single chain on his hip glints in the light still shining brightly behind him.  All I can make out in the stairway now is him, everything behind him is dimming out of sight and I no longer have a sense of my family.  As he gets closer, reaching towards me with an evil laugh I once again find myself running up the stairs.

I’m moving faster than I ever had before yet it feels like the top of the stairs is out of reach, getting farther and farther away with every step.  When I finally get to the second floor I find myself walking into a circular area with three bedroom doors, a bathroom door, and a closet door surrounding me.  All of the doors are closed except for the closet door, which is only open a crack.  Glancing around I’m only partially aware that the leprechaun is no longer behind me.  The house is once again quiet and dark, except for the yellow light coming from around the closet door.

Walking slowly towards the partially open door I stretch my now shaking hand towards it.  Upon touching the door I remember how cold the wood felt to the touch, giving me such a chill that I almost pulled back.  I paused for only the barest moment before pushing the door wide open.  At first the light was blinding, but as my eyes became accustomed to it, all I could see are shelves of folded towels and rolls of toilet paper.  It isn’t until I hear a soft laugh that I glance up and realize the entrance to the attic is open.  Except for the very edge I can’t make out anything within the opening itself.  The soft evil laughter floats down again from the dark and foreboding blackness.  I begin to slowly move backwards, attempting to put some distance between me and the unknown being in the attic.

I gasp sharply as I start to see fingers slide out of the dark and grip the edges of the entrance.  They’re grey and wrinkly, with long yellow nails curling down from the tips.  I start to shake as a woman's face comes into view, her long stringy white hair falling down below her hollow, sunken in face.  As she tilts her head up she looks straight at me and I couldn’t help but notice how large and black her eyes are.  I remember feeling like I’m falling fast into a black hole as I stare back at her.  It felt like ages that I stood there, stuck in one position, completely unable to move or look away.  Then suddenly she opened her mouth wide, unhinging her jaw like a snake would, and she let out an ear splitting scream.  It’s hard for me to truly describe the scream but it’s sufficient to say I can still hear it from time to time.

I was so frightened by this sudden outburst that I flew backwards, slamming into my bedroom door.  The door flew open upon impact and I fell to the floor, quickly kicking it closed with my right foot.  On the other side of the door I could hear a scraping sound, as if she was struggling to get down from the attic.  A scream was building in me as I watched the light around the door begin to flicker.  Then, just as I heard her hit the ground and start moving clumsily towards the door... I woke up...     

© Copyright E.F. Rose 5.29.13     

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