Friday, May 10, 2013

Mine (Poem)

Creeping slowly into your room
It’s so quiet in here
Just like a tomb
I see your chest move
As you breath
A steady rhythm
While you dream
I stand and stare at you for a while
Caressing your body slowly with my eyes
And in your sleep I see you smile
This anticipation to claim you runs through my veins
Quickly becoming too much to bare
So I quietly start to move towards you
Placing each step with care
Coming up beside your bed
I slowly reach out my hand
Yet the sight of you’re half naked body
Stops me where I stand
You look so peaceful, so angelic
Laying there fast asleep
That my breath is caught within my lungs
Almost causing me to weep
I’ve wanted you for so long now
I’m almost frozen with fear
A vision I’ve had to claim you as mine
Is all I’ve had that’s real
But now as I lean across you
Breathing in your sweet, clean scent
I shiver with a craving so strong
Knowing you’ll be better than anything I’ve dreamt
You’re eyes begin to flutter
As though you feel me standing near
And as our eyes connect
I watch yours grow wide with fear
With a shift I reach in close
Placing my hand presses down upon your mouth
Not too hard though
But just enough, to lightly muffle your voice
Your voice which I love
Since that first time you said Hello
Has played throughout my head
It’s all I really know
I feel your throaty moan vibrate against my skin
As I leaning down to you I shiver
Deeply breathing you in
“Shh my sweet, be still...” I say with a smile and a sigh
Lightly laying my lips upon your cheek
I whisper, “You’re finally all mine!”

© Copyright E.F. Rose 5.10.13

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