Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yours (Poem)

You push me back
Against the wall
I’m clawing at you
I want it all
You lean against me
Breath caressing my cheek
Running your teeth along my neck
Causing my knees to go weak
I latch onto your shoulder
Digging my fingers in deep
Your body begins to vibrate
From the control you try to keep
Your fingers dragging down my skin
Leaving a trail behind
Marking me as your own
Claiming my very mind
I whimper and cry as my needs take control
You shift against me
Knowing exactly the speed we need to go
You grit your teeth as you move your hips
Dragging from me a throaty moan
Which is loud and only covered
By your own eager groan
“What do you want?” You ask of me
As your fingers circle my wrists
My eyes roll back as I slowly sigh
Saying, “I want you all, I just can’t resist.”
You laugh real low
And kiss me deep
I can feel you in my soul
“You know what I want to hear,” You moan against my skin
“Say the words and I’ll give you so much more.”
I moan and pant with a need so deep
And with a lingering shudder I whisper “I’m yours.”

© Copyright E.F. Rose 5.10.13


  1. Awesome picture! Two people and it also looks like a candle burning =)

    1. Thank you!! I love the picture too... And it does look like a candle burning.. lol :D