Saturday, May 18, 2013

Roses & Chains (Poem)

He reaches down with a knowing smile
Pulling me to my feet
I allow him to move me through the room
He’s no longer trying to be discreet
Everyone around us is aware
They all know, for us, what’s in store
And none of them even bat an eye
For it’s the same thing they’re here for
I glance to the side at all the girls
Sitting against the cold brick wall
Some look away, while other’s stare
A grim look upon them all
I came to terms with my life a while back
No sense trying to deny the truth
For while other’s have a future that is bright and unwritten
Mine has been planned out since my youth
So as he leads me into a room
Adorned with roses, satin, and chains
I take a deep breath to calm my nerves
And as the door locks . . . we begin our game

© Copyright E.F. Rose 5.18.13

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