Sunday, June 16, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 16

“My pets!”

I have 4 pets, all of them were rescued one way or another... :D

My boyfriend, John, rescued a kitten from around the house.  His name is Kiddo and he’s now 6 years old!

A couple years back we rescued two rabbits that had made their way into our neighborhood.  They were seen running around our house on one morning.  John and I ran outside and caught one of them... The little brown and grey bunny that was, for all accounts and purposes, the follower of the two.  We named her Louise!

The leader of the two bunnies, once we caught her a couple days later, we named Thelma!

Finally, there is our 2 year old kitten.  She was rescued by one of my best friends.  LeAnn found her in her backyard, stuck between her fence and the fence behind it.  John picked the kitten up from LeAnn’s that day and she has been with us every since... Her name is Holly!

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  1. Hey now, don't forget, the cat got in between the two fences, and got wrapped up in my Bougainvillea lol and that dang thing had thorns! lol Standing up on a plastic rinky dink chair, and scratched the crap out my hand... lmao BUT rescued the kitty, she's in a great home now, so all worth it! :D lol