Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Life Taken (Poem)

I see your face
Begin to pale
You fight to breathe
With each inhale
I hear your heart
Within your chest
It stutters and races
With such distress
Your eyes are wide
As they stare at me
Tearfully pleading
Me to let you be
I tighten my hold
Upon your neck
Laughing so softly
Beneath my breath
Your fear smells sweet
Curling in the air
Adrenalin shoots through me
As I meet your stare
A pain filled gasp
Escapes your lips
Your fingers dig into me
Trying to loosen my grip
I quietly marvel
Your will to live
For even now you fight
Showing little give
Yet as the time
Ticks slowly by
Your body's jerks
Begin to subside
And I watch your eyes
Once filled with light
Slowly grow dim and empty
As you lose the fight

© Copyright E.F. Rose 6.19.13

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