Wednesday, June 5, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 5

“Describe Your Typical Day in Your Current Life”

A current day for me usually starts around 10 or 11 am (Yes I love to sleep in... lol) unless I have to work early then it starts at 7:45 am.  I get up after hitting snooze a couple of times, get ready for my day, and feed our cat Holly.  From that point, as soon as it’s humanly possible, I’m off to get some coffee (a total must for me in the mornings!)  Now if I’m not working my day is filled with working on my writing, possibly spending time with my family/friends, and just relaxing (love these days... lol)  Otherwise, once I get my coffee, I’m off to work.  

Once at work (since I work in the office of a jewelry store) my day is filled with phone calls, taking payments, checking in merchandise, entering sales into the system, and sorting through various files and paperwork.  On my lunch I normally go grab a bite to eat down in our food court and then, while munching on whatever meal I decided on, I’ll work on my writing and answer any emails that I may have received that morning.  I also will sometimes go for a walk while I’m on my lunch.  The days that I do that I’ll walk the first half hour of my lunch and then work on my writing the last half hour (the walking sometimes helps me to clear my head).  

Once I’m off work, again depending on my schedule, I’ll either get some dinner with my boyfriend John or have a light snack.  The evenings are normally spent with John and I relaxing on the couch.  Usually we’re catching up on our favorite TV shows or watching a movie while I try to do some more work on my writing.  My day normally doesn't end until after midnight.  I've always been a night owl!  So at night, once everyone else has gone to be and the house is quiet, I usually get the majority of my writing done.  Then I’m off to bed, falling asleep contently next to my boyfriend with our cat passed out either across my legs or on my stomach...  lol...  

And that, my friends, is a pretty typical day in my life!!  ♥     

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