Monday, June 24, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 24

“What’s the meaning behind your blog name?”

When I was younger I remember when my dad was answering something he’d never had to before he would say, “Let me take a shot in the dark.”  The saying just stuck with me and I found myself using it often as I was growing up.  So when I began my blog and being so new to the whole idea, I found myself thinking that this was going to be like taking a shot in the dark.  I was going to put myself out there, bare my soul so to speak through my writing for everyone to see, and hope that I not only found my way through the unknown obstacles ahead of me but that I would end up where I needed to.  So, in honor of this huge step that I was taking, I titled my blog site - “A Shot in the Dark” ❤

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